Level Up is not your typical lacrosse organization. Instead of focusing on team wins, championships, or trophies, we focus on YOU and YOUR individual game. We want to accelerate YOUR development and get YOU to your peak as quickly as possible, regardless of who you play for. Your maximum lacrosse potential is already inside you, and we help you get there faster.

Using scientifically collected metrics, Level Up has identified the evolution pattern of effective lacrosse players. By fixing your fundamental flaws (yes, we all have some) and placing you in situationally challenging drills, we simulate real-game scenarios and show you how to perform, make decisions, and succeed at full speed. Athletes are tested regularly and provided with progress reports and video breakdowns. We don't just tell you that you are progressing toward your maximum potential, we show you exactly how it's happening. 

Level Up is the secret weapon behind your on-field success.


We don't treat each athlete the same. We conduct thorough preliminary evaluations of every player to determine current strengths, weaknesses, and game IQ. We then create a custom training program for each athlete that addresses their weaknesses and accentuates their strengths, creating a well rounded and balanced lacrosse player.

Progress Reports

That which is measured, improves. You deserve to know that each session is contributing to your players development. Level Up reports provide you, and us, with the passing, shooting, ground ball, and stick handling accuracy and efficiency metrics necessary to gauge improvement and motivate players to reach the next level.

Positional Instruction

Our primary objective is to make sure that each player has a solid fundamental base and an above average lacrosse IQ. Once those goals are achieved we strive to make each athlete the best they can be at their chosen position. Once ready, we teach the finer points of attack, midfield, defensive midfield, long stick midfield, defense, face offs, and goalie.

In sync w/ your coach

Players, parents, and team/club coaches are encouraged to respond to weekly game reports to let Level Up trainers know if there were any situations or rules that the athlete did not understand during game play with their team or club that week. Trainers will clarify these rules and situations with the player during their next session in order to improve the players lax IQ.

Situational EXPERIENCE

Development doesn't end with physical skill training. Far too many players have solid skills, but do not understand how to utilize them in game scenarios. Our athletes not only develop dynamic skills, but understand how to implement it in any situation. Inbounds, two-minute, double team, flag-down, etc... you'll know what to do. 


Level Up trainers are highly involved and enthusiastic about your development. So much so that we frequently end a session as tired and sweaty as the athletes that we train. We get involved in each session by demonstrating at game speed, providing defensive pressure, and playing various positions during drills to simulate a game like experience.


Our athletes consistently get 10-20+ touches a minute during our sessions, as opposed to the 10-20 an hour they may get in team practices. The accumulation of touches over the course of a training season directly lead to two of the most desired lacrosse characteristics... strong stick skills and confidence with the ball. Advanced players regularly get over 500 touches, often in the first 20 minutes.


We utilize today's technology to give players immediate feedback on their performance. It can be difficult to verbally relay concepts and corrections to players, but many athletes seem to respond to immediate video feedback. Seeing themselves on video leads to faster form corrections, a better understanding of their skills, and quicker development.

Individual Training Sessions:

A necessity for anyone looking to reach their maximum potential.

With rare exception, no matter how long an athlete has played lacrosse, no matter how "skilled" they are considered to be, no matter how much impact they have in games... they have fundamental flaws in their basic stick skills. During the initial evaluation, many of our more experienced players are surprised to hear that we have found flaws in their fundamental skills, until they see the video evaluations.

Our Level UP Matrix shows players where their skills are at now, and where they can be with some dedication and training. Once fundamental issues are addressed, we move on to game specific situations, techniques, and philosophies.

Positional Pairs Training:

We always recommend that athlete's begin with individual training to ensure that their fundamentals are solid. As players progress, we add a counter position of similar ability to challenge them even further. During pairs sessions, players spend about 60% of training time working together in complimentary drills. The other 40% is spent in fast paced, high intensity, competition. Our athletes are amazed at how much easier difficult game skills and concepts become after practicing them repeatedly in a supervised one-on-one situation.

Pairs Options:

  • Middie/Middie - Clearing, defense, sliding, transition, dodging/driving, shooting, face-off and wing play
  • Attack/Defense - Riding/clearing, fast breaks, settled and unsettled 1v1's
  • Goalie/Attack - Shots and saves of every variety, clearing, riding, fast breaks
  • Goalie/Middie - Shots and saves of every variety, clearing, riding, fast breaks
  • Face-off/Wing Player - Face-off strategy, fast breaks, defensive exits


Have a group of players looking to separate themselves from the pack? We train groups of 3 or 4 using the Level Up Accelerator system. Players should be relatively evenly matched in terms of skill. Athletes are placed in our specially designed complimentary and competitive drills to improve skill, game IQ, and confidence on the field.


As a goalie, how much "practice" are you actually getting in practice?

Heard this at practice before?

  • "Goalies go work on some long passes"
  • "Goalie, we'll be ready for you in a minute"
  • "No goalies in this drill"


  • "Goalies don't need a weak hand"
  • "Goalies don't need to be able to dodge/shoot/feed"
  • "Goalies shouldn't come out of the crease"

Coach Gary Hoppe is a goalie expert. After 20 years protecting the net in both box and field lacrosse, he has learned the nuances and finer points of the position. More importantly, he has studied goalie play and developed the most unique, creative, and effective goalie training drills in the country. 

Often ignored in team practices, goalies NEED INDIVIDUAL TRAINING MORE THAT ANY OTHER PLAYER ON THE FIELD. A coach ripping shots on you for 10 minutes before a game or practice is not goalie training, is not a accurate portrayal of what you will see in a game, and is not what you need to prepare for competition.

Coach Hoppe personally conducts all goalie training. Positioning, stepping, and form are just the start. Every goalie that Gary trains develops off-hand, outlets, throwing on the run, dodging, feeding, and shooting skills that rival many short sticks. Goalies that work with coach Hoppe outscore many field players on the Level Up Skill Matrix, and develop the necessary confidence and mindset to know that they can handle the ball outside of the crease, and that they WILL ALWAYS "get the next one."

In the modern game, being an effective goalie is about much more than making saves. Be a threat in and out of the cage, be confident in every possible game situation. Get the training that you need to reach your highest level.


Stepping onto a lacrosse field for the first time can be SCARY! Many lacrosse programs throw beginners in with experienced players and just let them "figure it out." In other beginner programs, there are often so many players in such a chaotic environment that coaches have their hands full just trying to keep everyone's attention, much less give players individual instruction to correct bad habits.

The Level Up Beginner Crash Course gives new players a chance to learn the PROPER fundamentals without developing bad habits, in a comfortable environment. Anyone who goes through the  Beginner Crash Course will have a significant leg up when joining a lacrosse team or club.

Players will learn the fundamentals of the sport, learn the positions and rules, and will step onto their first lacrosse practice or game field with confidence! 


The Level Up Skill Advancement program works on the team level as well. We focus entirely, 100% on stick skills. Youth and high school team training includes:

  • Advancement Matrix Testing: Athletes are put through baseline tests to give them a realistic idea of their current skill level. Many are surprised by their initial scores and are inspired to improve. Most players improve drastically in their post-training tests.
  • Skill Development: We focus entirely on catching, throwing, dodging, and shooting at game speed... the most impactful skills on a lacrosse field. No man up, no plays, rotations, or formations. We send your team back to you with stick skills that have measurably improved 50% to 200%, sometimes more.
  • Personal Webpages: Each player is provided with a personalized, private webpage where they can track their scores and video break downs.
  • Team Leaderboard: The top 10 scores in each category will be posted to the team site. As with anything, the possibility of seeing your name in a top 10 list motivates individuals to work harder. Lacrosse players that are highly motivated to play wall-ball are a beautiful site.

Level Up Team Training is completely CIF compliant. All we need from you is a training day, time, and facility with suitable wall and field space.

Level Up Team Training can be used as a school/club fundraiser. Contact us for details.

See all of our testimonials on our YELP! page HERE.


We have seen incredible improvement in every aspect of our son’s game since he started weekly coaching sessions with Level-Up Lacrosse. Gary is very positive and incredibly professional. He conducts periodic performance evaluations using a detailed skills matrix that provides quantifiable evidence of improvement, as if seeing Brennan’s performance in games isn’t enough. :-). Brennan has shown between 20%- 75% improvement in all areas over just the last 7 months. His confidence is way up and he is enjoying the game more. In addition, his coaching isn’t limited to the one hour session. The detailed video feedback he also provides is incredibly helpful in showing our son what he is doing well, and exactly what to do differently. You’ve got a GREAT, well run, effective program Gary!! We are so glad to have found you!!
— Leigh C.
I can’t say enough about Gary at Level Up Lacrosse! We were introduced to him via a travel team that my son plays on. That was the best season my son ever had in terms of improvement. Most coaches don’t provide much training. Gary was brought in by this travel team and my son received a lot of attention that year. His level of play went through the roof - along with his confidence level. We recently signed on to do some 1-1 training sessions for him and after just 2 sessions with Gary, my son had one of his best performances this past weekend. I attribute it to Gary’s ability to train and work with him. His program is phenomenal and the video breakdown you will receive is great for your son/daughter to use and really understand what they are being taught. I am looking forward to seeing how my son can grow in his position with Gary’s assistance and coaching.
— S.L.
Coach Hoppe is a great instructor and coach. Our son has really developed his weak hand development, fundamental pass/catch, dodges and approaches to the goal. Improvements are significant within just a month with LevelUp. We also appreciate the professionalism Coach Hoppe provides in his evaluations and presentations of skill level and progress. Glad to have you in town! Thanks, Coach Hoppe!
— A.S.
We have been using the services of Level Up now for one month for goalie specific 1on1 work. We have already seen large strides of improvement with our son. Gary works great with our boy and he looks forward to his weekly session. I think the best part of the service is not just telling you that you are getting better, he shows you by measuring specific timed drills “wall ball” etc with measured levels to achieve and strive for monthly. I know Level Up will help bring out the best our boy is capable of.
— T.K.
My nine year old son just completed a four week training session with Coach Hoppe to get him ready for the upcoming season. Coach Hoppe did a great job reinforcing the fundamentals with him but did an exceptional job in teaching him how to use his weak hand, something my son has not done the last two years. Coach Hoppe is an excellent coach and knew how to structure the training sessions around my son’s strengths and weaknesses. I will definitely be signing up with him again and would recommend him without any hesitation.
— G.D.
Coach Hoppe is a great instructor and coach. He is very professional in interacting with the parents and makes the intense 1:1 sessions fun for the kids. His coaching is specific and “game situation” oriented. We have Gary with our 12 year old son who is an elite club player, and the improvement is amazing. His off hand development has been fantastic, refined his north/south dodges, added other dodges and approaches to the goal, especially from the X. The improvements are significant. We also have Gary working with our 10 year old daughter, who is an entry level player. She is a goalie, but we also have Gary working on her traditional field skills as well. Her confidence and goalie IQ are both up dramatically in just 4 sessions. Her techniques and fundamentals in the field are becoming rock solid. We were just talking about how fortunate we feel to have Coach Hoppe come into our life to supplement team practices, with focused and fun 1:1 training. We highly recommend Coach Hoppe!
— J.K.
My son has been working with Coach Hoppe for 2 months and he really enjoys the sessions. We have seen improvement and our son is receiving great off season 1:1 coaching that just doesn’t happen in a team practice. Coach works on what my son needs to bring his game to the next level. There is not a moment wasted. As a parent I love the personal web page with videos of my son and charts of his monthly timed drills.
— J.C.
Coach Hoppe is phenomenal! His level of professionalism and dedication are unmatched. He has worked with my son 1:1 as well as coaching his team this season and we have seen unparalleled improvement both in his individual skills and confidence as well as the entire team’s performance. The 1:1 sessions have proven to be invaluable. They are completely individualized and meet the player where he/she is at regardless of skill set. This type of coaching just can’t happen in a team setting and we have seen the difference the 1:1 training has brought my son both on and off the field. Coach Hoppe is amazing with the kids and is invested in teaching them to not only be the best they can be, but to learn and grow from their experiences. He has instilled a passion for improvement in my son and a desire to continue growing and learning as a player. My son loves training with Coach Hoppe and we couldn’t be happier with our experience at Level Up Lacrosse!
— E.D.
Last spring my son sustained a season ending injury. He was out for the season and most of the summer for a total of 16 lacrosse free weeks. I had emailed Gary about trying to get the boy back on the field now that he had been cleared by all doctors. Gary eased Cameron back on the field and back into the goal. Cameron got his confidence back quickly with the help and support of Level Up. Every week I see many improvements in Cameron’s stepping and goalie mentality. Cameron is back to himself and even farther along in his skills as a goalie and we are very happy to have Gary around and thankful for all his hard work with Cam. I would fully recommend Level Up for all lacrosse training needs. He is very professional and has a lot of experience with all ages and positions. Thanks again Level Up!
— P.J.
My son started training with Gary in order to come back from an injury and work on improving his goalie skills in general. It has been four weeks and I can already see that his game has improved. My son calls his hour with Gary the “power hour”, because he works so hard in that one hour. Gary really focuses on many different aspects of fine tuning and tweaking his game. We are so happy to have found a skilled coach our son enjoys working with.
— S.B.
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